Waterway House Sports & Spirits

Location: 9814 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm; 11pm-1am (food only)


Food Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Chicken Tenders 5.00 6.00 17%
Fried Ravioli 5.00 6.00 17%
Personal Pizza w/ 1 Topping 7.00 10.50 33%
Blackened Scallops 8.00 11.00 27%
Chicken Teriyaki Skewers 5.00 6.00 17%
Stuffed Mushrooms 6.00 7.00 17%
Crab Rangoons 4.00 6.00 33%
Fried Pickles 4.00    
Fried Mozzarella 5.00    
Grilled Shrimp 8.00    
Calamari Fritti 8.00    

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Domestic Bottles 2.00 3.00 33%
Import Bottles 3.00 4.00 25%
House Liquor 3.00 4.00 25%
Call Liquor 4.00 5.00-6.00 20-33%
House Wine 3.00 5.00 40%
Premium Liquors 5.00 5.50-7.00 10-29%
$2 PBR & Rolling Rock Bottles

Beers on Tap: None



Atmosphere 8
Food 8.5
Drink 6
Price 7
Happy Hour Specials 8
Total 7.5


The Doghouse had been a staple amongst Restaurant Row for years and if you were familiar with that place it was mainly a "very very late night place" to go to and that is putting it nicely. Trying to shed that late night image is the new Waterway House Sports & Spirits which spent several months cleaning and renovating the Doghouse and the pizzeria next door which now serves as the kitchen. The renovations are noticeable as the interior has been brightened up and is much cleaner to go along with it being non-smoking. All new big screens have been put up and all of the sports packages and UFC's will be ordered. All the food is made from scratch with the pizzas in particular getting rave reviews. You can get a good variety of food items at a very discounted price at Happy Hour too. Drink prices are similarly priced very well with a discount on almost everything. I am very happy to see that the Waterway House Sports & Spirits is a vast improvement over the Doghouse and provides yet another good bar in the Restaurant Row area.