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Dirty Don's Oyster Bar & Grill



Dirty Don's Oyster Bar & Grill

Location: 408 21st Ave N
Myrtle Beach, SC
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904 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC
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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm


Happy Hour Food Specials

 Item Happy Hour $    Regular $     Savings
 Oysters (raw or steamed)  0.35 each  8.50 - 12  51%
 Peel & Eat Shrimp  0.35 each  6.25 - 10  44%
 Wings  0.35 each  5.75 - 8  51%
 Mussels  0.35 each  9.25  N/A
 Clams  0.35 each  9.95  N/A
 Sat & Sun 1-5pm $6 for 20 clams, oysters, or mussells      


Happy Hour Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $    Regular $     Savings
 16oz Domestic Drafts  2.00  2.50  20%
 16oz Import Drafts  2.50  3.00  17%
 Domestic Bottles  2.50  3.00  17%
 Import Bottles  3.50  4.00  13%
 House Liquor  4.25  4.75  11%
 House Wine  3.50  4.00  13%
 50 cents off all liquor      

Draft Beers: Bud, Bud Lt, Bud Lt Lime, Shock Top, Landshark



 Atmosphere 7
 Food 8
 Drink 6
 Price 6
 Happy Hour Specials 7
 Total 6.8

If you've been reading my site for some time you may know that Dirty Don's Oyster Bar was one of my original reviews and I was never too fond of the place. Well, another location has recently opened along the new Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach and in my eyes is a significant upgrade over the original that still exists.  Neither will ever be hurting for business because of their ideal locations, 21st Ave is a smaller and has a smaller beer selection while the boardwalk location is much roomier and has the better view of course. The Happy Hour specials are the same at both locations with 50 cents off on all of their drinks, while that isn't so hot, the 35 cents oysters, clams, mussells, shrimp and wings does have a good wow factor. 35 cents was the price a lot of places had for Happy hour when i moved down 5 years ago, but Dirty Don's is one of the very few places that have never raised its price. If you're at the new boardwalk I suggest going to the new Dirty Don's Oyster Bar, and if it's not too packed you should give 21st Ave a whirl as well.