Location: 4401 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Location: 100 Orchard Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm


Food Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Bottomless Chips & Salsa 2.00 3.49 43%
Fried Cheese 3.00 4.69 37%
Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla 4.00 (1/2) 9.59 (Full) 17%
Big Mouth Bites 4.00 (2) 8.99 (4) 11%
Southwestern Egg Rolls 4.00 7.99 50%
Skillet Queso 4.00 5.99 33%
Mon- Fajitas for 2 (All Day) 12.99 21.29 39%

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts   3.49  
16oz Premium Drafts   4.49  
23oz Domestic Drafts 2.99 4.49 34%
23oz Premium Drafts   5.49  
Domestic Bottles   3.49  
Import Bottles   4.49  
House Liquor 2.99 4.49 34%
House Wine 2.99 4.79 38%
$2.99 Frozen Margaritas All Day

Beers on Tap: Bud Lt, Miller Lt, Yuengling Sam Adams Seasonal, Shock Top



Atmosphere 6.5
Food 8
Drink 6.5
Price 5.5
Happy Hour Specials 7
Total 6.7


Chili's is yet another one of those family chain restaurants that we are all familiar with. There are two locations along the Grand Strand, and they always have a long wait to get a table around dinner time because many tourists like to go to familiar places when they visit. Chili's is probably my favorite of the bunch for their food, which I find to be a step above all the other generic chains. They have made some good strides in their revamped Happy Hour. They added a Happy Hour food menu which is half sized portions of some their classic items. The atmosphere is always hit or miss with it mostly depending on if the location has a well defined bar area. Chili's is probably not going to be you first choice for Happy Hour deals, but they still have good food and if you're a margarita fan then it might be worth stopping by every once in a while.