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Big KT's BBQ Shack


Big KT's BBQ Shack

Location: 1501 S Hwy 17
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
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Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 4pm-7pm

Happy Hour Food Specials

 Item Happy Hour $    Regular $     Savings
 Southern Deep Fried Pickles  5.00  5.75  13%
 Jalapeno Poppers  5.00


 Mini Corn Dogs  5.00  5.75  13%
 Mozzarella Cheese Shots  5.00  5.75  13%
 Pepperjack Cheese Sticks  5.00  5.75  13%
 Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots  5.00  5.75  13%

Happy Hour Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $    Regular $     Savings
 16oz Domestic Drafts  2.25  2.75  18%
 16oz Import Drafts  2.45  2.95  17%
 16oz PBR Drafts  1.25  1.75  29%
 Domestic Bottles  2.25  2.75  18%
 Import Bottles  3.25  3.75  13%
 House Liquor  2.50  3.00  17%
 House Vodka  2.00  3.00  33%
 House Wine  3.45  3.95  13%

Beers on tap: PBR, Bud Lt, Yuengling, Shock Top, Sam Adams Seasonal



 Atmosphere 7.5
 Food 9
 Drink 7
 Price 8
 Happy Hour Specials 6
 Total 7.5

At first glance you'd be pretty surprised that Big KT's BBQ Shack not only has a bar in it, but also has a Happy Hour, but both cases are true. KT's looks like a tiny place from the outside and although it isn't anything expansive, it is bigger on the outside than you would think. The bar is decent sized and has many of your basic selections at a good price so no complaints there. The highlight of KT's is the food, I'm no BBQ aficiondo, but I had some great food there and enjoyed all of the sauces they had to offer. Even the sides were great and I'll definitely be eating there again soon. As for the Happy Hour, there isn't a lot to say to it with items being about a 50 to 75 cents off, but I'll always applaud a place for having one instead of not having one and giving the lame line of "well it's always happy hour here." If you're in North Myrtle Beach you have to go to Big KT's BBQ Shack for the food, and if you're not in NMB, well get in the car and get up there.